During 2013, Baden Powell Lodge No 488 recently made a donation of $957 to the Gilwell Park Heritage Team to assist with the restoration of the timber gates at the beginning of the Chiefs Approach walkway.

History records that Arch Hoadley, Lord Somers and Baden Powell used that route (then a bush track- later widened and beautified by Arch Hoadley) to walk from the Lodge to the training ground to talk to and inspire the candidates at the Woodbadge course being held in the training ground. The Chiefs Approach is the only area at Gilwell named to honour Lord Baden Powell.

All of the restoration work is under the direction of world renowned Heritage Architect Arthur Andronas, principal of Andronas Heritage Architects, who works pro bono for the team. The gates were originally made using mortise and tenon joints. Because of this they have to be repaired by the same method. No nails are used. The "bolts" on the criss cross are only ornamental. They do not have any construction or strengthening ability. To do this the gates have been brought to a specialty workshop. The work is being performed by Bill Snoeks, Builder and Heritage Conservator who usually repairs Gothic arches in historic churches.

It was not till the gates were removed that it became obvious that the rot was worse than could originally be seen, with not much more than the paint holding things together in many places. This required additional timber, and this cost has been made available from the funds of the Gilwell Park Heritage Team.

The gates have to be restored to their original condition, using the original methods of construction, and the refitment will be officially celebrated in a ceremony to mark the occasion on Sunday 26th January 2014.

GILWELL GATES - UPDATE - November 2014

In November 2014, the restored gates were offically installed and handed over in a ceremony attended by a number of Baden Powell Lodge brethren.

The workmanship and restored state is well shown in these pictures below.

GILWELL GATES - UPDATE - 20th September 2015

Baden Powell Lodge No 488, Wor. Master Charles Charalambous presenting a cheque to the Gilwell Heritage Team covering repairs to the Russell Troop Room.
Presented on 20th September 2015 at Gilwell Park.



Baden Powell Lodge No 488, Wor. Master Russell Bradd presenting a cheque for $2000.00 to Mr Rob Millen, Team Leader of the Gilwell Heritage Team
in the recently refurbished Russell Troop Room at Gilwell Park.


2013 - Russell Troop Hall Restoration - Commemorative Plaque

2012 - Pics and News from Founders Night 2012 Download PDF File (1.3Mb)


2009 - Totem Pole at Gilwell Park - Presented 29th August 2009

The Totem Pole & its Sculptor,
V. Wor. Bro. Max Martin
The Campfire
The Totem Pole from the opposite angle
Front - Upper
Front - Centre
Front - Lower
Wardens of Gilwell
Wood Beads
Oak Tree & Gavel


Explanation of the 14 carvings on the Totem Pole